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About Monkeys

About Monkeys


Tamarins are New World monkeys. Tamarins are a marmoset species that belongs the genus Saguinus or Leontopithecus.

Tamarin Classification:

Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Primates
Family: Callitrichidae
Genus: Saguinus

Other Names: Lion Monkey, Lion Marmoset, Leoncita,

Tamarin Monkey in Foreign Languages:

Pembe Maymun / Ipek Maymun

Species: There are a wide variety of species of tamarins.

Some Tamarin Species Include:

Midas Tamarin - Saguinus Midas
Black Tamarin - Saguinus Niger
Black-mantled Tamarin - Saguinus Nigricollis
Graells's Tamarin - Saguinus Graellsi
Brown-mantled Tamarin (aka Saddle-back Tamarin) - Saguinus Fuscicollis
White-mantled Tamarin - Saguinus Melanoleucus
Golden-mantled Tamarin - Saguinus Tripartitus
Moustached Tamarin - Saguinus Mystax
Red-capped Tamarin - Saguinus Pileatus
White-lipped Tamarin - Saguinus Labiatus
Emperor Tamarin - Saguinus Imperator
Pied Tamarin - Saguinus Bicolor
Martins' Tamarin - Saguinus Martinsi
Cottontop Tamarin (aka Pinche Tamarin) - Saguinus Oedipus
Geoffroy's Tamarin - Saguinus Geoffroyi
White-footed Tamarin - Saguinus Leucopus
Mottle-faced Tamarin - Saguinus Inustus

Size: Tamarins are 7-12 inches long and weigh 1-2 lbs.

Habitat: Tamarins are found in tropical rain forests. They are found in South America.


Conservation Status:

Description: Different tamarin species vary considerably in appearance, ranging from nearly all black through mixtures of black, brown and white. Mustache-like facial hairs are typical for many species.

Behavior: Tamarins are diurnal and arboreal.

Diet: Tamarins eat fruit, plant shoots, as well as insects, small vertebrates and bird eggs.

Did You Know?
Tamarin and Marmosets are very similar in habitat, diet, and behavior. The clear difference between the two is those with a Tamarin classification have shorter incisor teeth than canine teeth.

Gestation: Tamarins carry their young for approximately 140 days.

Birth: Tamarins typically give birth to twins. The tamarin father primarily cares for the young. Tamarins nurse for the first 2-3 months.

Life Span: Tamarin life spans vary by species but most tamarins have an approximate life span of 15 years in the wild. Hawks, birds of prey, some wild cat species and snakes are all natural predators of tamarins.

Social Structure: Tamarins live in groups of up to 40 members.

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