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About Monkeys
About Monkeys

About Monkeys

Monkey Species

There are hundreds of species of monkeys. They include the following:

Allen's Swamp Monkey
Barbay Macaque
Berber Monkey
Black and Gold Howler Monkey
Black Capped Squirrel Monkey
Black Capuchin Monkey
Black Colobus Monkey
Black Faced Langur
Black Headed Spider Monkey
Capped Langur
Celebes Crested Macaque
Chacma Baboon
Common Marmoset
Common Woolly Monkey
Cotton Topped Tamarin
Crab Eating Macaque
Crested Black Macaque
DeBrazza Monkey
Diana Monkey
Douc Langur
Dusky Langur
Dusky Leaf Monkey
Dusky Titi Monkey
Ebony Langur
Emperor Tamarin
Fayre's Langur
Francois Langur
Francois Leaf Monkey
Goeldi's Monkey
Golden Bellied Capuchin Monkey
Golden Langur
Golden Lion Tamarin
Golden Monkey
Golden Snub Nosed Monkey
Green Monkey
Grey Langur
Guinea Baboon
Hanuman Langur
Howler Monkey
Japanese Macaque
Leaf Monkey
Lesser Spot Nosed Guenon
Lion Tailed Macaque
Mantled Howler Monkey
Mona Monkey
Monk Saki Monkey
Nilgiri Langur
Olive Baboon
Patas Monkey
Pig Tailed Macaque
Proboscis Monkey
Pygmy Marmoset
Red Colobus Monkey
Red Howler Monkey
Red Leaf Monkey
Red Shanked Duok
Red Tailed Guenon
Rhesus Monkey
Sagui Monkey
Saki Monkey
Silver Leaf Monkey
Silver River Monkey
Silvery Marmoset
Snow Monkey
Snub Nosed Monkey
Sooty Mangabey
Spectacled Langur
Spot Nosed Guenon
Stump Tailed Macaque
Sulawesi Crested Black Macaque
Sykes Monkey
Tibetan Macaque
Tufted Capuchin Monkey
Vervet Monkey
White Cheeked Gibbon
White Headed Langur
White Naped Managabey
Wolfs Guenon
Woolly Monkey
Yellow Baboon
Yellow Tailed Wooly Monkey
Zanzibar Red Colobus Monkey

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