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About Monkeys

About Monkeys

DeBrazza's Monkeys

DeBrazza Monkeys are Old World monkeys.

DeBrazza Monkey Classification:

Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Primates
Family: Cercopithecidae
Genus: Cercopithecus
Species: Neglectus

Other Names: Swamp Monkeys, DeBrazza's Guenon

Size: DeBrazza's monkeys are 16-25 inches long and weigh approximately 9-17 lbs. Male DeBrazza's monkeys are larger than the females. Their tails can be 36-60 inches long.

Habitat: DeBrazza monkeys are found in eastern to central Africa. They live in closed canopy forests with dense vegetation, and near rivers.

Description: DeBrazza's monkeys have an orange-red crescent shaped patch on their brow, and a distinguishing white muzzle extending into a long, white beard. The DeBrazza's monkey coat is speckled grey and white, with black on their limbs and tail. Male DeBrazza's monkeys have an easily recognizable bright blue scrotum. DeBrazza's monkeys also have cheek pouches. The long tail is used for balance when the DeBrazza's monkey moves from tree to tree.

Behavior: DeBrazza's monkey are diurnal and spend time in both the trees and on the ground. DeBrazza's monkeys spend the early morning and early evening hours looking for food. The DeBrazza's monkey has an important role as "seed disperser" in their eco-system.

Diet: DeBrazza's monkeys eat fruit, buds, leaves, flowers, mushrooms, beetles, termites, worms, and lizards. The vast majority of their diet, is made up of fruit.

Communication: DeBrazza uses vocal sounds to communiate with their troop. They also use body language.

Did You Know?

DeBrazza's monkeys peacefully coexist with Colobus Monkeys but are agressive with other primates.

Gestation: DeBrazza's monkeys carry their young for 5-6 months.

Birth: DeBrazza's monkeys give birth to a single baby at a time.

Sexually Mature: DeBrazza's monkeys reach sexual maturity around the ages of 5-6.

Life Span: DeBrazza's Monkeys live approximately 22 years. Eagles, leopards, pythons, and other primates are all natural predators of DeBrazza's monkeys.

Did You Know?
When Debrazza's monkeys are frightened, they freeze, and have been observed to remain unmoving for up to eight hours.

Social Structure: DeBrazza's monkeys form small social groups that are lead by an alpha male. A typical troop of DeBrazza's monkey have 4-10 members.

DeBrazza Monkey

Conservation Status: Insufficient Data

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