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About Monkeys

About Monkeys

Colobus Monkeys

Colobus Monkeys are any of 10 species of Old World monkeys in the genus Colobus.

Colobus Monkey Classification:

Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Primates
Family: Cercopithecidae
Subfamily: Colobinae
Genus: Colobus

Other Names: Mantled Guereza, Catarrhine

Conservation Status: Many species of red colobus are currently considered endangered, other colobus species are vulnerable, while some there is not sufficient data to determine their status.

Species: There are five species and approximately 8 subspecies.

Colobus Species and Sub-Species Include:

Black Colobus - Colobus satanas
Gabon Black Colobus - Colobus satanas Anthracinus
Bioko Black Colobus - Colobus Satanas Satanas
Angola Colobus - Colobus Angolensis
Sclater's Angola Colobus - Colobus Angolensis Angolensis
Powell-Cotton's Angola Colobus - Colobus Angolensis Cottoni
Adolf Friedrichs's Angola Colobus / Ruwenzori Black-and-white Colobus - Colobus Angolensis Ruwenzorii
Cordier's Angola Colobus - Colobus Angolensis Cordieri Prigogine's Angola Colobus - Colobus Angolensis Prigoginei
Peters's Angola Colobus / Tanzanian Black-and-white Colobus - Colobus Angolensis Palliatus
King Colobus - Colobus Polykomos
Ursine Colobus - Colobus Vellerosus
Mantled Guereza or Abyssinian Black-and-white Colobus - Colobus Guerez

Size: Colobus monkeys are 18-24 inches long (excluding their tails) and they weigh 12-32 lbs.

Habitat: Colobus monkeys are native to Africa. Colobus monkeys are found in all types of closed forests, and bamboo stands.

Description: Colobus monkeys have long tails they use for balancing during their leaping from tree to tree.

Behavior: Colobus monkeys are diurnal and arboreal. In fact the Colobus spends the vast majority of its time in trees, rarely descending to the ground.

Diet: Colobus monkeys are herbivorous. They typically eat leaves, fruit, flowers, and twigs.

Gestation: Colobus monkeys carry their young for 5-7 months.

Birth: Colobus mokeys are born almost entirely white.

Sexually Mature: Female colobus monkeys sexually mature around 6 years of age. Male colobus monkeys mature arond the age of 4.

Life Span: Colobus monkeys life span is estimated to be about 25 years in the wild.

Did You Know?

Colobus monkeys do not have thumbs.

Social Structure: Colobus monkeys live in groups or troops of 5-10 monkeys. The troup consists of a a dominant male and females with their offspring.

Athleticism: Colobus monkeys use branches as trampolines, jumping up and down on them to get liftoff for leaps. They can leap up to 50 feet from branch to branch.

Colobus Monkey

Conservation Status: Varies by species.

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